Rein in the Chatterbox featuring Heather Zempel

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One persistent talker can disrupt your whole group. In this two-and-a-half minute video, Heather Zempel, Pastor of Discipleship at National Community Church in Washington, D.C., shares some practical and loving ways to keep your small group discussions on track.

I think the key to Heather's approach is finding ways to lovingly encourage those members in your group that like to talk a lot to keep the conversation on track. Notice how her "chatterbox" eventually became her co-leader! Would hand gestures or the "90-second rule" work in your group? List a few other ideas that you can try to help keep your group on track. If you've never done it, you might consider creating "ground rules" with your group. That way, you will all be on the same page.
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Heather said that small group time should be about sharing, and not lectures. That's a good reminder for us leaders too. We need to make sure we engage the group and don't spend too much time talking ourselves.

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