Unleash the Next Generation with Matt Carter

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Matt Carter is the Pastor at The Austin Stone Community Church and I love his passion for seeing Christ be glorified throughout all creation. In this 5-minute clip, Matt talks about the way his parents viewed church and then contrasted it with the way 18 to 30 year olds view church today. His teaching is both interesting and thought provoking ... check it out.

Matt said his parents viewed church as the place to get fed by the people "who do ministry." He said that this generation is not wired like that! What are your observations about the upcoming generation and how they view their faith?
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Matt said he also keeps hearing the question, "Why is the Christianity in the book of Acts so radically different than the Christianity I see in America?" I think that's a great question! Furthermore, Matt tells us that people are asking, "When do I get to get in the fight?"

So here's my question ... How can you empower and unleash the people you lead to "get in the fight"?
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People are hungry to be used by God. Challenge them, train them and release them. Not just to come to church, but to go be the church. Take a moment to think about what that would look like in our church?
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