Community is a Biblical Mandate with Ed Stetzer

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Ed Stetzer is a church planter, pastor, and President of Research for Lifeway. In this short clip, he does a great job of teaching the importance of creating community.

Ed Stetzer believes that community is a Biblical mandate and that there are too many things the Bible calls for that we simply can’t do outside of a group. What can you do to make sure your small group doesn't just mimic a Sunday service? Share some ideas on how can you bear one another's burdens, serve on mission with one another, etc.?
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Here is an assignment for your group. Look up all of the "one another" verses in scripture and meet to see how you are doing at living these out. Enlist several people ahead of time to look up a verse and be prepared to lead a discussion on it. Be sure to keep it positive! This is not an exercise to see how weak the group is. Instead, celebrate where you are strong and pray for God to reveal areas you can improve. Help everyone know that it's okay that you're not knocking it out of the park on every one. If you were ... you wouldn't need God's help!