2013 Austin Stone Worship Conference

In this 12-minute session from the 2013 Austin Stone Worship Conference, Jeremy Riddle shares his songwriting process, shedding light on what helps him honor God through writing corporate worship songs. Jeremy is a pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. He is also an accomplished recording artist and songwriter. 

Jeremy said that he began writing songs in order to get the full extent of what was inside his heart, out. Why do you—or why do you want to—write worship songs?
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Good songwriters are theologians. How do you actively seek to grow in your knowledge of and about God?
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Jeremy stressed the importance of co-writing. Who do you write songs with? Who in your church or on your worship team can you speak with about collaborating?
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“A great corporate worship song is an intricate marriage of personal experience, God revelation, and a really powerful, singable melody.”

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