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Convene CEO Summit

In this 38-minute session from the Convene CEO Summit, Mark Whitacre shares his story of going from a young top executive to being an FBI informant and spending nine years in prison. Mark uses his story of redemption to challenge business leaders to live an "all-in" life. Mark is currently COO of Cypress Systems, Inc. 

Even before Mark was a follower of Christ, his wife was a voice of God's wisdom in his life. Who has God placed in your life as a trusted counselor?
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It's easy, especially in senior leadership, to feel as though you have all the answers. How do you make sure you are open to receiving wise counsel from others?
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Ian Howes and Chuck Colson played vital roles in shaping Mark's faith. Who are the individuals who have profoundly impacted your faith? How have you been able to express gratitude for the investment they've made in you?
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The negative result of Mark's unethical actions landed him in prison, but the fruit of his time in prison was a vibrant faith and a passion to show others the hope he had found in Christ. 

When you find yourself in difficult situations—whether they are a direct result of your mistakes or not—you have the opportunity to grow bitter or grow better. What do you think is the difference between those who choose bitterness and those who choose growth?
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Mark's story is one of profound redemption. God took Mark's heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of flesh. His story not only serves as a warning against greed, but as a call to live an "all-in" life, serving God first, and leading others with a servant's heart.

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