Surrendered Stewardship

Convene CEO Summit

In this 26-minute session from the Convene CEO Summit, Peter Ochs challenges business leaders to move beyond mere success or significance and to a level of surrendered stewardship. Peter is a successful entrepreneur and founder of Capital III Inc., an equity investment firm. 

Peter contrasted living like an "owner" instead of living like a "steward." Describe the differences between these two dispositions.
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After Peter began to view his position as one of steward, he began to see the Bible as the manual to run his business from. What role does Scripture play in how you lead? How does your daily time in God's Word impact your business decisions?
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Peter put forward the 3 things needed for a high-impact life:
  1. Economic Capital (food, clothing, shelter, monetary resources)
  2. Social Capital (relationships, time, things money can't buy)
  3. Spiritual Capital (the moral  code by which we live, the gospel)

Why do you think people tend to find most of their worth in their economic capital? How do you keep from letting your net worth determine your self worth?
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How do you, as a business leader, have the opportunity to create social capital for your employees? Why is this an important aspect of your leadership, beyond just providing economic capital in the form of a paycheck?
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What opportunities do you have to invest in the spiritual capital of those you lead? What reservations do you have about making a spiritual investment in their lives?
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As a businessperson, are you pursuing success, holding on to those things that make your fortune bigger and better? Are you pursuing significance, where you hold assets loosely, but ultimately give for your own glory? Or, are you pursuing surrendered stewardship, where you use the resources you've been given to create social and spiritual capital for the world around you? 

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