A Strategic Hope for Revitalization

2013 SEND Conference

In this 55-minute breakout session from the 2013 SEND North America Conference, Ronnie Floyd builds from his over 35 years of pastoral ministry to give 9 principles of strategic church revitalization, encouraging pastors to rise up and see the vision God has for their ministry. Ronnie is Senior Pastor of Cross Church, Northwest Arkansas and currently serves as President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

9 Principles of Strategic Revitalization:
  1. Catch the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    This is your only hope for revitalizing your church and the only hope to influence your community.
  2. Clarify your mission.
    Your mission must be clear, concise, and compelling because the gospel is.
  3. Consider carefully what your people are saying.
    Create space to hear from your congregation. This is about you listening more than talking.
  4. Comprehend the context of your community.
    All communities are undergoing change, often rapidly. You must know who you are trying to reach.
  5. Call upon your people to go with you.
    Tell your people you need them. Encourage them that together you can accomplish your mission.
  6. Commit to hear God's voice and do what he says to do.
    God speaks to you through your devotional life. Prioritize prayer and get your people praying.
  7. Cast your vision continually and effectively.
    Preach your vision from the pulpit. Say it over and over again.
  8. Create momentum with wins.
    Find ways to create small wins, then go after big wins.
  9. Challenge your church passionately and continually
    Passionless preachers produce passionless churches. In the gospel you hold the only hope for your community. Your church should be the most passionate people in your community.

Over and again Ronnie stressed that revitalization begins with the pastor. Where is the Lord calling you to personal revitalization?
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What vision has God given you for your church and your community? What do you believe God wants to do in your city through your church?
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Take a moment and think about your church's mission statement. Read through it if you need to. How clear, concise, and compelling is it? What, if anything, do you need to consider changing?
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Ronnie spoke about listening sessions—times where he is able to hear what is on the hearts of the people in his church. What opportunities do you have to hear from your church members? How might you be able to encourage them that you desire to hear what the Lord is speaking to them?
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What are the demographic realities of your context? How do these realities impact the way you are seeking to minister?
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Like Ronnie made clear in this session, revitalization in an ongoing process. With today's rapidly changing culture, you will never "arrive" or have the privilege of saying, "I'm done." Whether your church is 100 years old or a brand new plant, your work of personal and church revitalization will continue until Christ returns.  

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