Understand Your Senior Pastor

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Sometimes it's difficult to cultivate a relationship with your boss. This can be true even when you work on a church staff. In this post, Bill Search speaks from his experience both as a senior pastor and staff pastor to help others understand their senior pastor a bit better. Bill is Senior Pastor of Rolling Hills Christian Church in El Dorado Hills, California and author of Simple Small Groups.

What hopes do you have for your relationship with your senior pastor? Ideally, what do you hope to gain from your relationship?
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What would it look like, from your end, to try to cultivate a closer relationship with your senior pastor?
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What forums do you have to communicate with your senior pastor about where you are struggling or having difficulty with your pastoral assignments?
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As a staff member, you are well acquainted with the demands of ministry. Your senior pastor is subject to those same demands, and more which you may not even be aware of, making it difficult to get on the same page. Even though your relationship with your boss may not be exactly what you would like, be patient and persistent as you seek to build a greater level of understanding with your senior pastor.