Encourage Your Group Pastor

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The pastor overseeing small groups on your staff has a unique opportunity to mold and shape the connectivity and outreach of your entire congregation. So how can you encourage and equip them? In this post, Bill Search speaks from his years as both a senior pastor and groups minister, giving insight as to how to best support small group pastors. Bill currently serves as Senior Pastor of Rolling Hills Christian Church in El Dorado Hills, California. He is also author of Simple Small Groups.

How do you actively seek to encourage your group minister? How do you affirm the importance of the work they are doing?
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What resources are available to your groups pastor? Is there a particular conference or seminar that might be beneficial for them to attend? What can you do to make sure they are able to attend?
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How can you leverage your ministry connections to get your group pastor connected with other group pastors from the area or from your denomination/ministry network?
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The support and encouragement you give to your small groups pastor can not only have tremendous impact on them, but on your entire church. As a group pastor they have a unique opportunity to pour into the life of the church body.