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2014 Liberate Conference

In this 26-minute session from the 2014 Liberate Conference, Scotty Smith speaks about his personal journey of growing in the "moreness" of the never-ending wellspring of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Scotty is Teacher in Residence at West End Community Church in Nashville, TN. He serves as adjunct faculty for several seminaries, and has authored six books including Everyday Prayers: 365 Days to Gospel Centered Faith.

Scotty's 4 Dimensions of the "much-moreness" of the gospel:
  1. The much-moreness of God's Love
  2. The much-moreness of God's Laughter
  3. The much-moreness of God's Heaven
  4. The much-moreness of Jesus

Scotty affirmed, even as he gets older, that "there's nothing more than the gospel, there's just more of the gospel." Why do you think it is such a strong temptation to try to get beyond the gospel?
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In the context of God's love, Scotty spoke about the how the gospel ministers to not only our guilt, but our shame. Why do you think it is easier to accept that Christ's death paid the penalty of our sin, than it is that he purchased freedom from our shame?
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How does reflecting on God's sovereignty, that He's in control of all things, help you to better love others?
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How often do you consider eternity with God? What most excites you about it?
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Jesus loves you. How do you keep yourself mindful of the truth that Jesus really, truly does love you?
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Even after a lifetime of mining the riches of the glory of God's gospel, you will not exhaust the wonders and depths of God's love, His laughter, His heaven, and His Son. As you grow in grace, don't seek to move beyond the gospel, but dive deeper into its infinite implications for your good and God's glory.

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