24/7 Grace

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Misconceptions abound when we talk about grace. Yes, it is by grace we are saved, but grace extends far beyond salvation alone. Steve Brown shares about the all-encompassing scope of grace. 

Steve is host of Key Life, a syndicated radio program that teaches about grace and the Christian life. He is Professor of Practical Theology Emeritus at Reformed Theological Seminary and has authored numerous books including No More Mr. Nice Guy and Three Free Sins.

Steve noted that it’s easy to make grace a proposition—something to merely make mental assent to. What do you think causes this flawed view of grace?
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How do you remain aware of the everyday realities of grace?
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Steve spoke about his experience being betrayed by a friend. How does a proper view of grace enable you to navigate betrayal?
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“Grace is what happens—24/7—when you walk in the light, aware that you’re loved, acceptable, and what you’ve been given needs to be given to other people.” Walk in the reality of the all day, every day nature of grace available to you in Christ.