Balance Your Time at Work and Don't Sacrifice Your Family

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Work is a good gift from God, but what happens when we elevate work above our health, our families and our Lord? Watch this clever illustration about a workaholic. 

Mark Russell is the President of Elevate Publishing and author of several books, including Work as Worship. In this post he talks about the inevitable conflict many businessmen face between time at work and at home. He teaches that if we will actually step back and embrace some of our weaknesses, adopting a God-focused approach to our time management, we can balance our time well. 

When we realize two of our weaknesses, it will be a great benefit to finding a good balance between our work and our families.
  • Finiteness - you can't do everything
  • Fallenness - you are tempted toward sin and selfishness

How do you experience the blessing of finiteness? Where are your weaknesses most profound, and how does this help you to depend on God?
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What personal restrictions do you give yourself regarding time and connection to the outside world so that you are able to fully engage with your family? Or, if you have none right now, what rules do you need to make?
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What is your average work week like? How many hours do you typically spend at the office, and how much do you normally spend with your family? Do you need to find a better balance, and how can you make this balance happen?
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Finiteness is a blessing, and fallenness will continue to tempt us. Don't pretend that either of these things are not true of you. Trust God with your work and make good time for your family. you will never regret making more time to be at home.