Don't Quit on Youth Ministry

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How important is youth ministry? How valuable is it to those it ministers to? Watch as Devin talks about the encouragement he has found by being part of a youth group and explains how much they have impacted his life.

Think about your youth ministry. How would you describe it? Is your youth ministry fun, caring, compassionate, inviting? How would your students describe it? How would their parents describe it?
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As long as young people and their families struggle, we need effective youth ministries in our churches today.  Can youth ministry help bring young people into adulthood and spiritual maturity? In this video, Leneita Fix explains why youth ministry is still necessary in today's church.

Leneita serves as the Program Development Director for Aslan Youth Ministries and coordinates all aspects of training for the national organization, Urban Youth Workers Institute  She is the author of No Teenager Left Behind: 10 Hard-to-Handle Teenagers and How to Break Through With Them and continues to work as a consultant for youth ministries by developing training materials for youth workers and curriculum and study materials for teens. 

How has your youth group changed over the course of your time there? How have you handled the change?
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Leneita's reasons why youth groups are still vital today:
  1. It assists parents in discipling their students.
  2. It assists getting the Word into the hearts of your youth.
  3. It is a place that provides students mentoring, life coaches and role models.
  4. Helps youth wrestle out their faith.
  5. Provides students a mechanism, a safe place to ask the hard questions.

Read Leneita's reasons again. As a youth worker, what would you add to this list? Why are you working in youth ministry?
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Would your youth say that they are in a discipleship or mentoring relationship in your church? Why or why not? How can you encourage these kind of relationships?
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Is your youth group "a safe place" to ask questions? What can you do today to make sure your youth know they are in a safe place to wrestle out their faith? How can you let them know that you pray for them?
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Working with teens can be discouraging especially if you're not seeing growth. Don't quit, remember the reasons why youth ministry is important. Our goal is not attendance or to make everyone happy and comfortable. It's helping young people have a joyful relationship with Christ and grow more mature in Him.