Pleasure Seekers

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Human beings are hard-wired for pleasure. Unfortunately, the pleasure that we seek can leave us empty and broken. In this post, Paul Tripp explains the fleeting pleasure found in sex and money, encouraging Christians to find pleasure in the only lasting source of satisfaction. Paul has served as a pastor and is currently Professor at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, TX. He is author of several books including Dangerous Calling and Sex and Money.

Where, outside of God, do you tend to seek pleasure? How have those things proven unsatisfying?
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In what tangible ways have you experienced pleasure in God?
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What do you think it looks like to let earthly pleasure point you toward ultimate satisfaction in God?
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Pleasure is not inherently sinful. However, all too often we seek fulfillment from temporal things that bring us pleasure. In those cases, even good things become sinful. Instead, let the good and pleasing things of this earth point you to the greatest of pleasures, God. Enjoy Him, finding full satisfaction as you bring glory to His Name.