Identity Crisis

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It is so easy to lose sight of who you really are. Relationships, money, appearance, success all vie to be the source of your identity. But who are you, really? In this post, Paul Tripp discusses the temptation to find our identity in things of this world, pointing instead to that which should truly define us. Paul is an international conference speaker and Professor at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, TX. He has also written numerous books including Dangerous Calling and Sex and Money.

Where are you most tempted to place your identity? Why do you think that is?
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Can you recall a time when placing your identity outside of Christ (whether in you career, your physical appearance, etc.) caused you, or a loved one, harm? What happened?
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Instead of finding your identity in them, how might you use the glories of the physical, created world to better see God, the One who gives you the only true sense of who you really are?
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Take a moment and reflect on what it means to have your identity in Christ. Think about your status as an adopted son or daughter of God. Let the truth of who you are in Christ be a compass when you experience identity amnesia, resting in the knowledge that you are His.