How Pastors Can Encourage the Business People

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Alan Barnhart is a Christian who loves Jesus and wants to work for the Lord in full time ministry. He is also the President of Barnhart Crane and Rigging, the premier heavy lifting and transport company in the country. Alan does not see the disparity between these two roles. In this video, he asks pastors to help the business leaders in their churches to see their great opportunity for ministry out in the working world.

What professions are represented in your congregation? Is there a type of job that most of your congregation performs? How can you grow in your knowledge of what they do for a living?
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How can you communicate the the validity of the work of ministry outside of the church?
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From what passages in Scripture can you teach to emphasize the need for real ministry work in a person's 9 to 5?
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Encourage the business leaders in your church. Get to know them and what they do, and never stop communicating to everyone in your church that we are all in ministry because we are all in Christ.