10 Ways to Serve Parents of Special Needs Children

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Parents of special needs children face unique challenges. Often even well intentioned people fail to understand some of these challenges. In this post, Gillian Marchenko shares ten special needs of special needs parents, giving insight into how you can best understand and serve friends, neighbors, and loved ones with special needs children. Gillian is a writer, speaker, and advocate for individuals with special needs. She is author of Sun Shine Down, a memoir about her personal journey of being a parent of a special needs child.

Below is a document with the 10 Special Needs that Gillian mentioned in the video. Feel free to print it out, save it, pass it on.

10 Special Needs of Special Needs Parents

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How do the needs above encourage you as you seek to minister to those in your life with special needs children?
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After hearing from Gillian, who do you feel that the Lord is calling you to minister to in this way?
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How might your care and compassion in the areas above serve as a gospel witness to those families of children with special needs who do not know the Lord?
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As a parent of two special needs children, Gillian provides helpful insight on ways to serve and love families of special needs children. With the needs she laid out above, seek out ways that you can pursue new and deepen existing friendships with special needs families.

For more from Gillian, visit her website, www.gillianmarchenko.com.