Lead Through Relationship

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Have you ever worked or served in an environment where you felt as though your work was appreciated, but where no one seemed to care about you personally? In this post,  Chip Luter shares the importance of building relationships with your team members and  students. Chip is Pastor of Youth and Young Adults at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, LA. 

"My team is not just the people that need to help me do my ministry, they are people I need to do relationships with."

On average, how many hours a week do you spend investing in personal relationships with your leaders and students? Are you intentional about taking this time out of your schedule, or does it happen organically?
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Think strategically about your ministry in particular. Do you feel as though your time is better spent investing in your leaders or students? Why?
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Chip mentioned that he tries to incorporate team-building exercises into his team meetings. How often are you able to have relationship-building activities with your team? What might it look like to incorporate team-building exercises into your meetings?
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For some, building relationships comes naturally. Others may have to be more intentional about investing in the lives of others. Regardless, taking time to pour into your leaders and students provides a foundation of trust, giving you the opportunity impart wisdom and for them to feel valued, knowing that you care about their lives.