Model a Love for God's Word

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It doesn't take too long for a parent to figure out how much a "do as I say, not as I do" approach falls short as a parenting strategy. Rather, children respond best when word and deed align. In this post, Garnett Reid emphasizes the importance of a parent's love for God's Word in cultivating a child's appreciation for Scripture.  Garnett has been professor of Old Testament at Welch College in Nashville, TN for over 30 years.  He has also authored several books including Deuteronomy 6 in 3D and Intentional Integrity.

What does your personal time in Scripture look like? What about time in Scripture as a family? Are you happy with these times? Why or why not?
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Would you say you have a genuine love for the Word of God? Why or why not? How might you cultivate a greater love for the Bible?
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Have your children shown a personal desire to spend time in God's Word? If so, how can you encourage and reinforce their personal pursuit of Scripture?
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As Garnett noted, ultimately only the Lord can give your child an appreciation for the Scriptures. However, as they see how the Word of God shapes and forms and influences all that you say and do, they have a framework to seek the Bible's influence in their own life. Pray that the Lord instill a lifelong love for His Word in your children's life, and take every opportunity to expose them to the riches that you have found in Scripture.