Worship is More Than a Song

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As a worship leader and a recording artist, Jimmy Needham constantly faces the challenge of understanding worship as a word for music alone or as a life of reverence to God. He leads people to worship with his music, but knows that it's not supposed to end there for any of us. In this video he talks about how worship pervades every part of our lives.

How does your lifestyle reflect worship? Do you live in such a way that you are the same person in church as you are the rest of the week?
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What are the biggest competitors in your life for your worship?
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What are some behaviors or attitudes of yours that typically help you to linger in God's presence? How does joy in God lead to a lifestyle of worship?
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Worship is more than a song. Jimmy's song, Clear the Stage, hits on this exact point. Watch his music video that highlights the lyrics of this piece, meant to remind us all of where we direct our worship.

If you would like to learn more about Jimmy's music and his ministry, you can visit his website here.