There's Always Time to Make an Impact

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Do you ever feel as though you've missed the boat to make an impact with your faith? Your kids are grown and your grandchildren may be getting older too, but that doesn't mean that God doesn't want to use you to impact His Kingdom for His glory. Noah…Abram…Moses—the scriptures are full of characters that proved you're never too old to follow God's call. This inspiring video illustration proves that God can use you no matter how old you are.

It really is never too late to make an impact in God's Kingdom for His glory. Watch as Garnett Reid offers encouragement to grandparents, sharing God's desire to use you and your story to impact generations to come.  Garnett has been professor of Old Testament at Welch College in Nashville, TN for over 30 years.  He has also authored several books including Deuteronomy 6 in 3D and Intentional Integrity.

Have you ever felt discouraged about your ability to make a Kingdom impact because of your age? How does reflecting on the stories of Noah, Abraham, and Moses encourage you that God does not reserve significant ministry for the young only?
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How might the testimony of how God saved and transformed you positively impact the life of your grandchild? How could the Lord use stories of your life circumstances to minister to them?
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Garnett mentioned that he tries to text message his granddaughter frequently, just letting her know simple things about his everyday life and faith. How might you communicate with your grandchildren in a special way, giving you an opportunity to share with them about your faith?
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You never know the impact that sharing your testimony with your grandchild might have. What you can be sure of, however, is that it is never too late to be used by God to make a positive impact. Don't give an ear to temptations that would have you think that your time has passed, or that you are too old. Instead, take every opportunity that the Lord gives you to share the transforming power of His gospel.