On Songwriting

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Jimmy Needham has been professionally making music for nearly ten years and has recorded six albums. In that time he has built a reputation as more than a singer, but a thinker, a challenger and a wordsmith. Feeling compelled to help other Christian musicians produce quality art for worship, he developed a songwriting course. According to Jimmy's website, the goal of the course is to help musicians take their art from good to great. In this video, he shares a broad overview of its lessons.

Jimmy gave these four steps to great songwriting.
  1. Develop a Concept
  2. Craft Lyrics
  3. Craft Melody
  4. Translate Your Art to the Stage

Jimmy said that Christians should be producing the best art that our culture has to offer. Why is this so?
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What are some examples of "Christian art" failing to produce excellence? What leads to these poor results?
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Think about how these steps translate to your own personal form of expression - if you're not a musician, think of lyrics as your content and melody as your medium. Which step do you do the most well, and with which do you need the most work?
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Whether you engage with music, painting or writing, you have a particular and blessed opportunity within that medium to honor God by doing it with excellence. Work at improving your craft, and focus on honoring the Lord through this gift He has given you.

If you are interested in learning about personal song writing lessons with Jimmy, go to this page on his website.