Amazing Mission Trip or Guilt Trip?

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After a mission trip, many people find themselves wrestling with the questions that come with dealing with the disparity between what you have and the lifestyle of the developing world that you just visited. Lindsey Nobles is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Food for the Hungry. In this video, Lindsey talks about the impact missions trips have on people and explains that it should empower us to be thankful and to be active towards doing something greater with our lives. 

What did you see in your mission trip that impacted you the most? How did you respond to everything that you saw in the country you visited? How did you feel when you returned from your trip?
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Lindsey said, "It's hard to channel what to do with that realization that not everyone lives like us." Is this true about your experience? Did you feel extreme sadness over the reality of the great suffering that you saw? Did you feel guilty? Explain.
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Instead of feeling guilty for the gifts and blessings God has given us, we can figure out how to give out of that abundance. In what ways do you see the gifts and blessings God has given you as a means to do good for those who are suffering? What can you do with the resources you have that will make a difference?
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As you seek to continue to work through your experience, I hope and pray that you will remember God remains faithful to you. Pray and thank the Lord for the experience you had and for what He has given you.  Ask Him for wisdom as you contemplate how you can do something greater for your life.