Live Out Your Faith

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Bonnie's life was all about her work. She was so successful that she felt she didn't need God. All that changed when her business crashed and discovered that something was missing. Watch Bonnie's story as she shares her experience on how she discovered how to live her life worthy of the gospel. 

Bonnie's story shows that pride and selfishness can often create a gap between what God wants us to do and what we want to do.  If you're struggling to figure out what that looks like in your life, you're not alone. Listen as Lindsey shares her testimony and talks about the disconnect that comes from being a believer in this secular world. 

Have you ever avoided living the life that God has called you to live? How did it make your life easier? How did it make it harder for you? What led you to separate your faith from your every day life?
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Going to church and listening to the messages convicted Lindsey to change her lifestyle. She said, "I wanted my life to look like what I believed." What type of lifestyle do you live? How does your life look like today and how does it reflect what you believe?
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Lindsey shared that she still continues to seek new ways to live out her faith. It's a process that will change as we grow spiritually. What can you do that will help you seek new ways to live out your faith daily?
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Authentic, honest relationships are essential for all believers. In this video clip, Lindsey explains how valuable it is for women to share conversations about what a life worthy of the gospel looks like in today's world.

Authentic, honest relationships are essential for all believers. Small groups, Bible studies or time with mentors and friends can provide a safe environment. Those times give you a chance to openly share the challenges that you face at home and at work in light of the Word of God. It is also a place where you can discover your own story and your calling.

Think about your relationships. Who boldly lives out their faith? What specifically can you learn from them? How do they handle challenging problems? How do they handle people who are difficult to love?
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Being honest about how you are living can be difficult, especially when you know you haven't been truthful in your own conversations. What things do you need to confess to God? What things can you change so that you know your are moving in the right direction to boldly live out your faith?
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Lindsey said, "…if we truly believed what we spent most of the time talking about our lives would just look different. They would look more bold, we would spend more time doing instead of talking."