4 - Impart Biblical Values

Raise Them in the Discipline and Instruction of the Lord

In this session, Dave speaks directly to fathers about the unique role of spiritual leader that they fill in the home. Children crave their father's approval and look to him for guidance. Moms and dads will both be inspired  from Dave's challenge to deep and significant involvement in their kids' lives.

Dave mentioned four things that kids need to know from their fathers (and mothers).
  • They are valued
  • They are loved
  • They will be forgiven when they make mistakes
  • Jesus is real to you

Do you remember the "inning in which your dad arrived"? What did your parents do during your childhood that significantly communicated their love and care for you? How do you adapt that message of love and care to give to your own children?
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If there wasn't an "inning in which your dad arrived," how will you change your own parenting style so your own kids don't experience the same?
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How do your kids react when they make a mistake? Do they feel freedom to open up to you and admit their mistakes, faults and sins? How can you ensure them that forgiveness is readily available, but still not diminish the seriousness of the action?
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Tim Tebow's parents rewarded him when he received praise for his character, and not when he was congratulated for sports. How can you impart values like this in a way that uniquely fits each of your children?
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With your spouse, write a few things here that the two of you will pray for your kids on a daily basis.
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Your kids crave attention and approval. Children need actively involved fathers, and the simple step of investing time with your kids shows them you love them and opens the door to teach them godly character.