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Can technology really make a difference? How can people use this tool for God's purpose? In this real life story, a youth pastor and his students talk about how they're using creative communication through their website and social networking to make an impact around the world.

Roger and his students discovered that an effective way to get the word out about what they were doing was to post it online. With technology they were able to broaden their message to raise support and make a difference. 

Shannon Litton, President of The A Group, talks about the global impact people are having through the use of technology and encourages ministry and business leaders to expand their reach and support around the world. Shannon is an entrepreneur, strategist and idea igniter. She works with nonprofits, authors and organizations to create and implement strategic plans that move them to the next level. 

Shannon reminded us that online messages that were intended to be closely kept, for good or bad, can sometimes go way beyond that. Have you seen this happen on your social media network? What was the end result?
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It is truly an opportunity to be able to reach others globally. How can your business or ministry take advantage of this opportunity? In what ways can you get the word about your mission? How can your business or ministry glorify God with social media?
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Shannon said, "If you say, you're online, you're global." In what ways could one person use technology or social media to make a difference around the world? How can you personally use technology to influence others?
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Shannon said, "It's exciting to see how God is right in the middle of technology. And He's right in the middle of social media. And He’s showing people how to use that to expand their reach and expand their support literally around the world."