Make Up Your Mind Already!

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 Leaders are decision makers. But surveys show that women identify "lack of confidence in decision making" as the number one contributor to leadership insecurity. Are you caught in analysis paralysis or second guessing? Sherry Surratt, President of MOPS,  gives 5 steps for women to make sound decisions with confidence. 

Sherry Surratt has deep experience in many areas of leadership including, Assistant Principal in the public school system, Children's Ministry Pastor and Central Support Pastor at Seacoast Church, where she developed multi-site ministries at their 13 campuses. She also co-authored Just Lead! with Jenni Catron. 

Sherry gave 5 steps to making sound decisions. Consider a past or present situation as you answer the questions below.
  1. Identify the problem
  2. Investigate the situation
  3. Seek input
  4. Pray seriously
  5. Make the decision expeditiously

Where in your life is indecision holding you back? What issue most commonly traps you with indecision?
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What is/was the core issue? Have you muddied the situation with other things that don't need fixed? Is emotion getting in the way?
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What’s already been tried and why has it failed? How have you researched the situation?
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Who do you know who could give wise, biblical counsel? Who have you surrounded yourself with?
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Describe a time when you sensed God's direction in making a decision? How have you prayed seriously for this situation? Have you given your heart a chance to listen to what God is saying?
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Once you know what to do, are you you hesitating or procrastinating about making the decision? How can you take the next best step with confidence and action?
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God has called you into your roles and responsibilities. Leaders are decision makers. Don't be tied up by insecurity and fear. You have been called and equipped to lead, influence and decide.  Once you've discovered God's direction, don't delay!

If you'd like to read more about decision making and leadership, you can find Just Lead! by Sherry Surratt and Jenni Catron here.