Encouragement to Women in Leadership

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Kristen Howerton is an author and a therapist, and in this training post she speaks to other women about their potential for leadership. Sometimes women wonder if it's right for them to be in leadership or if it's too masculine or too ambitious, but Kristen teaches how God can use you in bigger ways than you have imagined.

Do you struggle with guilt or fear when it comes to leadership? If you could remove those negative influences, where do you think God would have you lead?
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What passions has God given you outside of the home? How can you use these passions for ministry and God's kingdom?
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What opportunities do you have to join in community around these interests? Are these people also a good fit for Christian community and accountability?
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Take some time to do your own study of women in the Bible. See how God has used women in Scripture to do the work of ministry and the church. Think about the good work that God has for you and prayerfully look for your role in the work of ministry.