The Church's Vital Role in Family Orphan Care

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In a local church congregation, how can those not adopting support the ones who are? Kristen Howerton and her husband have adopted two children and they have personally experienced the difficult phenomenon of suddenly parenting children past infancy. She shares some of the help she wishes she had gotten in those early days with her kids.

Kristen said that adoption isn't appropriate for every family. What circumstances do you think should make a family choose not to adopt?
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What are some things that your church could do in order to support foster and adoptive families in your fellowship? How can you personally take part in this service?
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Either judging from your own experience or stories you have heard, how could a church proactively offer help and care for a good length of time after the initial foster or adoption placement?
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Not everyone in the church can adopt, but most of us can support adoption and foster care. Be thoughtful and creative about the support you give, and use it to love your brothers and sisters well who are entering into that journey.