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Patty is stressed out. From school to church to work to soccer to running the family's errands, Patty's life never stops. In this real life story, Patty is caught in her busy schedule and her responsibilities and is emotionally and spiritually drained. What can she do to add "balance" to her never-ending to-do list? 

What fills up your schedule? What are some of the things that you let go so that you can accomplish everything on your list?
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Patty's life proves that there is no way to live a perfect life on this side of heaven. Even though we want to give everything and everyone our attention, we just can't do it all. Something always tips the scale. In this video, Logan Wolfram, writer and Executive Director of Allume, talks about creating balance and what that means for those who desire to be good stewards of the things God has placed in our lives.

Logan's principles on how to create balance in your life:
  1. Be intentional about confessing when you've dropped the ball.
  2. Be intentional about spending time with God and family.
  3. Be intentional about doing the things God has called you to do.
  4. Be intentional about consistently evaluating what is important to you. 

Logan shared that she often has to apologize for "dropping the ball" on something she has committed to do. Has this happened to you before? What happened? Did you have to make amends? If so, how did the other person respond?
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How do you respond to people who drop the ball on something they have committed to do for you?
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Logan said that it's okay if God calls you to be a mother and later He adds something else to your calling. She said, God may be asking you to steward these things. How does Logan's statement make you feel about your current responsibilities? Does it make you feel better to know God has control over everything that is going on in your life? How does it change your perspective about what you do?
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We need to count the costs of the things that we are doing and evaluate if they are important to us. Logan said, "Be really honest about consistently evaluating what things are important to you. What are the things that at the end of your life you don't want to regret?" Answer that question now.
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“And so I think that by being intentional about spending time with the Lord, about…spending time with my family, about…still cooking dinner a couple of times a week, I think that by being really intentional about those things, it does help create a balance.”