A Foolproof Way to Kill Your Ministry and Destroy Your Family

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Whether in the church or outside its walls, at its core, ministry is about serving others.  But what happens when ministry is no longer about the ones you serve or the One you serve, but about you?  Watch as Peter Greer shares from his personal experience about the dangers of self-focused ministry. Peter is author of several books including Mission Drift  and The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good. He also serves as President and CEO of HOPE International.

You don't have to be handing out relief in Rwanda to use someone that you are supposed to be serving as a prop to make yourself look better. How have you witnessed that type of self-serving ministry? Have you ever been tempted to use people, not for what's best for them, but what's best for you? Please explain.
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Peter said, "when we put ourselves on the center of the stage, it's only a matter of time before we see self destruction." He cited the neglect of his family as an example. Has your spouse ever approached you with a similar frustration over your neglect of responsibilities at home? If so, what happened? If not, how do you ensure you are maintaining a proper focus on your home life?
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When ministry becomes all about you, you fail to desire partnerships and collaborations, undermining your ability to make a positive impact. Think though the ministry partnerships that you currently have and have had in the past. Describe why (or why not) you utilize partnerships with other ministries/churches. What do you think a willingness to partner with others says about a leader?
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It is so easy for ministry to move from a heart posture desiring to serve others to one that desires to serve yourself. Such a posture can reap destruction, not only of your ministry, but of your family and friendships as well. Honest examination of your motivations and the presence of trusted individuals who are able to speak into your life can be small but invaluable tools to keep you heart in the right place.

For additional resources on this subject, check out Peter's book, The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good.