Get the Spinach Out of Your Teeth

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Have you ever gone all day long, met with many people, only to find out later that no one told you about the food stuck in your teeth? How embarrassing! Peter Greer is President and CEO of HOPE International. He has also authored several books including Mission Drift and The Danger of Doing Good. In this post, Peter speaks about the importance of giving others in our life the opportunity to tell us hard truths that we need to hear.

Can you think of a situation in your ministry where you could have benefitted from the insight of those around you, but no one said anything to you? If so, what happened?
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Who in your life have you given permission to tell you about the "spinach in your teeth"? Do you think they are comfortable to approach you about anything? If you don't have people like that currently, who do you trust to fill that role?
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How do you typically receive rebuke from a brother or sister in Christ? How can you temper any initial defensiveness and give an honest hearing when you are approached?
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Most times when we are told about literal spinach in our teeth, we are embarrassed but grateful. However, too often when approached about sin in our lives, we bristle. The reality is that if left unchecked, such sin can cause much more damage to our effectiveness in ministry than spinach ever could.