6 - Grace in Grandparenting

Enjoy the Grand in Grandparenting

There's a running joke among grandparents, "If I had known grandchildren were going to be this much fun, I would have had them first."  Besides ice cream and overnights, extra support in the midsts of messes and meltdowns, grandparents have so much more to offer than just a helping hand. Here in Part Six, Tim talks about the unifying power of God's grace and the important role grandparents have in making a godly impression in the lives of their grandchildren and in the generations to come.

What differences do you see in the grandparents today and your grandparents? What are their similarities? What advantages do grandparents have today?
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The four ways grandparents can make an impression in the lives of their grandchildren:
  1. Be a blessing.
  2. Be a leader in their life.
  3. Bear the gospel.
  4. Set the standard of moral living.

As a grandparent, how do these four principles influence how you foster your relationship with your grandchildren? Does this make you anxious about your role? Does this encourage you? If so, how?
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As a parent, what role would you like your children's grandparents to have in your family? How involved would you like them to be and in what ways can they help you? How are you including them in that role?
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In his book, Extreme Grandparenting, Time  wrote, "Grandparenting is a sacred trust, a chance to imprint a child for true greatness. And just like parents have a God-given bond with their children, so grandparents have a natural affinity to their grandchildren. Grandparents and grandchildren represent a marvelous love affair between the generations."

Grandparents, list some of the ways in which you pursue your grandchildren? How do they respond to you? What can you do to show them that you will always be available to them?
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Parents, list some of the ways in which you encourage the grandparent/grandchild relationship in your family? What can you do to be proactive in including grandparents in your family activities?
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As grandparents get more involved in your child's life, how will their relationship influence how you relate to your parents? What opportunities and blessings could this bring to your family?
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Are there any relationships that need mending? What can you do this week to heal those relationships in a healthy way?
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Tim said, grandparents have a "...chance to take God's grace that saved us on that cross and transfer it down now through a couple of generations. It's a noble calling, it's a sacred trust and if we do that with God's strength, it's amazing how we will touch not only this generations, the next generation but for generations to come long after we're gone."

You can find books on the principles of grace in marriage, home, parenting and grandparenting by Tim Kimmel here