5 - Grace in Single Parenting

Set Your Stage and Pace on God

The task of parenting can seem daunting and difficult for most couples. For a single parent, it is intimidating, almost impossible and sometimes lonely. You may not be a single parent, but all parents need to find ways to surround themselves with support, encouragement, accountability and grace. How can the body of Christ help single parents? Here in Part Five, Tim talks about the importance of setting the pace of their lives on God's grace, strength and His provision to become the family and people that God wants them to be. 

Tim suggested a couple of things that helps those walking in the difficult path of single parenting:
  1. Find people that will commit to praying for you and your children.
  2. Go to church ready to serve others.

How has God provided for you? How can you build on His grace to help you trust that He will take care of you and your children in the future?
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How do you explain God's provision to your children? In what ways have they reacted to others stepping in to help and encourage you? How can you include your children in experiencing God's grace in your life so that it's building their faith in God?
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It is important to accept help, encouragement and accountability offered from the body of Christ. How has the church supported you? What kind of things have they done to help you?
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Read 2 Corinthians 1:3–4. How can you reciprocate what others have done for you and serve others? What can you do to comfort and encourage others who are new to single-parenting?
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All of God's children should find their identity in Christ and not let the things that are not right in their life define them. Believers should focus on what God wants to do in them, through them and what Christ has done for them on the cross. "When I let that set the stage and pace in my life, it's amazing how God gets us pass all these things."