3 - Grace in Families

Add Value to Your Family

Within the confines of family relationships, God can do some of His greatest acts of sanctification and redemption. Families are often a place where we face our greatest trials, but it is also here where we can find God's grace working. Here in Part Three, Tim talks about the common links grace-filled families have and how their attitude of being deliberate in parenting and serving others makes all the difference in the world.

Tim said that there are two common links of families who go through life with more joy and have a real strong spiritual impact on others and on the next generation. These are:
  1. Parents lead the family spiritually.
  2. Attitude of servanthood.

What are some of the ways you lead your family spiritually?

Choose all that apply

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Tim said that families that are outwardly focused, "…add value and bring value to the people they have contact with." Who in your family—including extended family members—adds value to your family? What is it about them that makes your home a better place? How do they make family gatherings a joyful, exciting, and fun experience?
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Who in your family—including extended family members—is more difficult to love? What is in their personality or behavior that has caused difficulties? What can you do this week to show them that you love them unconditionally?
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How are you establishing an environment in your home that is focused on God and serving others? How can you teach your kids that serving others isn't an occasional event but a default mode for your family?
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Tim said, "And when we have that kind of an attitude, of being deliberate about parenting and serving others, it easy to see how that grace changes everything."