2 - Grace In Marriage

Loving Your Spouse Well

Without a full measure of grace applied in every moment, marriages will end up disappointing and hurting the two people center stage in the wedding photos. Here in Part Two, Tim teaches couples why grace is essential in marriage. 

In the previous post, Tim defined a grace filled marriage as, "simply treating your spouse the way God treats His spouse." Read Ephesians 5. In what ways do you love your spouse well? In what ways do struggle to love your spouse like Christ loved the church?
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In his book, Grace Filled Marriage Tim writes, "Grace wants to lead the way when it comes to processing our disappointment and helping us throughout the darkest moments of our marriage. It needs to be the active ingredient of our marriage covenant. But sometimes it's hard to see what you don't have. And while most of us would love to weave God's grace into our love story, we're not sure exactly how it fits."

How can focusing on how you are loving your spouse increase the intimacy in your marriage? What specifically can grace change in your marriage?

What’s one thing you could change this week as an act of love for your spouse?
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"The contradiction for the Christian is to be a willing recipient of the grace God offers us but reluctant to extend the same gift to our spouse. How ironic that the missing ingredient in our marriage when we act that way is the primary ingredient in God's heart when he deals with us. "
                                                                              ~excerpt from Grace Filled Marriage