1 - Grace in Relationships

Set the Example of God's Heart

Our homes are where families should show each other God's love, mercy and grace. Parents desire to establish a place where dependent, broken, faith-filled people can approach a gracious God. In this moving illustration, a boy’s magic viewfinder helps him see pivotal moments in his family’s past. Watch what happens when couples learn to be intentional about their relationships, marriage and raising their children in love, faith and grace.

To have a home that thrives you need grace. In this course, we'll talk about the grace needed in all of our relationships to create a haven, a place everyone in the family longs for. Here in Part One, Tim Kimmel talks about how grace-filled relationships set the example of God's heart, and if we allow grace to be in our relationships, the love in our homes will flourish.  Tim is the Founder and Executive Director of Family Matters and author of Little House on the Freeway. 

Families bring out the best and worst in each other. How we respond during difficult moments can make all the difference in the world. Who in your family has extended grace to you? How did it change your feelings towards the person or circumstance? What did you learn?
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Pride, selfishness, the need to always be right and win in an argument are just a few examples of what can get in the way for families to move past difficult situations in their relationships. What do you need to let go in your relationships so you can love, serve and understand those closest to you?
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Some members in our families are easier to love, while others are just difficult. We must remember that God changes hearts, not us. Our job is to love them the way God loves them. Who are the people in your life that need you to love them unconditionally? What can you do today to show them that your love is unconditional?
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Tim said, "A grace filled marriage is simply treating your spouse the way God treats His spouse. Grace-filled parenting is simply treating your kids the way God treats you. And when we let His grace be the default mode in our relationships, that love is going to be solid and strong."