Business and the Kingdom

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Mike Foster co-founded People of the Second Chance and now serves as the Chief Chance Officer. As someone who has found success as a Christ follower in both the business world and in running a Christian ministry, he has learned a lot from the Lord about making his personal faith the core of all he does. In this post, he shares his own conviction about the importance of faith being at the core of everything he does.

At the core of Mike's attitude of worship in his work, he wants to strive for three things
  1. love for the unlovable
  2. hope to the hopeless
  3. touching the outsider

What is your view of your role the workforce? Are there any ways that you compartmentalize your work, family and faith life? Is there anything that needs to change?
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How does your business sustain a profit from your customers while simultaneously loving them well?
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How does your business uniquely provide you the opportunity to conduct your work and relationships in a redemptive manner?
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There is no sacred/secular divide and no compartmentalizing our faith. No matter where we live and work, our faith must be at the core of all that we do.