6 - An Ancient Work

We are Joining God in a Work that He Started Long Before Us

All of the work of missions and the church are part of an ancient work. God has labored at His plan of redemption since Genesis 3, and He has graciously allowed us to join Him. For Part Six of this course, Lance will now explain how God's ancient work occurs and how we must respond.

When we learn and accept that we are not starting or finishing a ministry, but joining in God's work that He began long before us, it helps us to do three things.
  1. Go into missions with humility
  2. Trust God to complete the work
  3. See all of life as mission

What kind of things do you hope to learn from the partner church or the people whom we will be serving?
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Describe a time when you saw God working in such a way that it was unmistakably accomplished beyond the work of human hands.
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What longstanding work of God do you see occurring in your own hometown or community? How do you think God is calling you to involvement?
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Think about what you have learned about God's ancient work, the long legacy of His church's impact on this world, and list 4-7 specific things you will pray for concerning the upcoming mission.
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Think about God's ancient work as it occurs in your church and down the street. It will certainly look and feel different in other parts of the world, but we are joining their ministry in the same faith and under the same gospel that has transformed us here.