2 - Serving on the Field

Serving in Other Cultures Requires Patience and Discernment

In Part Two of this course, Keith West speaks about some helpful things to remember once you are on the mission field. Assuming you have prepared well in the six areas from Part One, you will need to remember these four principles as you interact with the people in the field and our church partners serving there.

When it comes time to serve on the mission field, remember to do these four things
  • Be flexible
  • Use spiritual discernment
  • Abstain from every appearance of evil
  • Remain culturally sensitive

Normally, how flexible are you? When you're tired, hungry, or stressed, how do you react to change? What can you do now so that you are prepared to take obstacles as opportunities to see God at work?
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How do you usually listen to the Holy Spirit? How can you improve your spiritual discernment or especially lean on godly wisdom during this time?
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Based on what you already know about the culture that we will visit on our mission trip, what are some permissible activities in our culture that might give the appearance of evil in that one?
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What are your two or three biggest questions about the culture, country or people we will serve?
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Cultural sensitivity is highly important for the missionary in the field. Just like ministry in your own culture, beginning the relationship with an insult only makes serving that person difficult or impossible. Go into your work on this trip with the intent to make the best impression that you can, opening wide the door for sharing the gospel.