1 - Six Keys to Preparation


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Mission Team Training Leader's Guide

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Good Preparation Helps Your Training and Readies Your Heart

Thank you so much for your commitment to go and serve on this short-term mission trip. Before you get started with the course, watch this modern parable that illustrates why missions are a vital task of God's church.

Lost people in this world hear so many alternatives to the gospel, and Jesus has given us the task of going out and telling them the truth. Like the man in the hole, people everywhere desire rescue, and many of them are desperately trying all kinds of religious systems that have no power to really save them. In this course, we will learn both practical and devotional lessons to get us all prepared to do our best work for God when we get to the mission field.

As an introduction, Keith West, Missions Pastor at Lake Pointe Church in Dallas, Texas, begins with six areas in which a short term missionary should prepare. Once someone has signed up for a mission trip, getting in these mindsets or committing to these practices will be crucial to getting prepared for the work that God has set before us.

Six areas of preparation:
  • Submit to the spiritual authority of the team leader
  • Realize that team meetings are required
  • Train to serve and to know the culture
  • Do with, not for
  • Commit to all timelines
  • Follow a prayer strategy

Who is your team leader, and why do you think he or she is qualified to lead this trip? Will you have any trouble submitting to this authority?
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What is the hardest part for you when concerning evangelism? Why is this difficult?
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Based on your own skills and talents, how will you best be able to come alongside our partners in the field and help them in their ministry?
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What is your biggest area of uncertainty concerning the culture in which we will serve? How will learning about this aspect of the people and country we visit help you in your work?
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Work on your prayer strategy. What are some points about the upcoming work and journey that you should talk to God about from now through the end of the trip?
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All of your preparation for a short term trip is necessary and beneficial. Commit to your preparation so that you will be of the most use to God's work when you actually enter the mission field, and always keep prayer as your first training priority.