Embracing God's Second Chance

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Mike Foster, co-founder of People of the Second Chance, works to help hurting people find freedom in the grace of God.  Mike and his partner saw a world that offered very little grace and founded their organization to help people find beauty and purpose in the midst of their sins and struggles.

People of the Second Chance focuses on two areas:
  1. Inspiration - using social media, they operate as cheerleaders of grace
  2. Getting in the Trenches - they work with hurting individuals to find purpose in their story and pain

When have you been in need of a cheerleader for grace? What difference would it have made to have someone acclaim grace to you at a time when you were lost in your failure?
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Going a step beyond the proclamation of grace, what difference would it have made in your hurt if someone had gracefully sat with you and walked with you through a former failure?
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Because everyone has sinned, we can all use the kind of grace Mike has described. In this next video, he talks specifically about our biggest failures, the ones we wished would go away. Listen to his encouragement about God's ability to redeem these for good.

How has God used your past failures to do good for His name? When were you thankful for a redeemed failure because of its use in ministry to another hurting person?
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Name a shortcoming or sin that you would rather just forget. How can you change your perception of this failure so that you embrace it as redeemed and use it for God's name?
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How can your church make this kind of support and encouragement a significant presence in your faith community?
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Failing does not make you a failure. God uses our faults for great things when we allow His grace to come in and do a redemptive work on our hearts. In Mike's words, God wants to use the messy, broken things for something powerful and good.