2 - Protect and Cultivate Your Marriage

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There are so many things that can come in and ruin our marriages. In this real life illustration, Jeff and Wende talk about the stressors that created a wall between them. Letting down his guard at the office, Jeff gave in to temptation and had an affair.

In a world like today, it's critical for believers to prioritize their marriages in order to have the kind of marriage that will sustain for decades and impact future generations. Beth Guckenburger, Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries and author of several books including Reckless Faith, Tales of the Not Forgotten and Tales of the Defended Ones, talks about the importance of passion in marriage and the greatest guide believers have in cultivating and protecting marital intimacy—the Word of God.

Beth shared several things that try to destroy the intimate life between a husband and wife:
  1. Our schedules.
  2. Self-image struggles.
  3. Temptations.

Beth said, we must be willing to fight for intimacy and fiercely guard it. Based on the list above, how do you and your spouse guard against busy schedules, self-image struggles and temptations? What can you do to be more intentional about your marriage?
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Marriages that grow more intimately and passionately demonstrate the ability to make adjustments for one another. What is one adjustment you’ve seen your spouse make in your marriage that has meant a great deal to you? Have you told your spouse how much you appreciate his or her adjustment? What’s one thing you could change this week as an act of love for your spouse?
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Loving God together is a great place to build a foundation for intimacy in a marriage. It's about learning how to connect with your spouse through your faith. What can you do as a couple to be more like-minded in your spiritual walk? What can you do to include your spouse in your prayer life and in the ministries you're involved in?
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Beth said, "The world's lie is that it's as good as it's gonna be when we're young and in the beginning. But God's truth is that overtime as relationships mature, His ways—and following His ways—will help cultivate in us a relationship inside of our marriage that will sustain for generations."