Wandering Eyes

2013 RightNow Conference

In this 35-minute session from the 2013 RightNow Conference, Larry Osborne speaks about the tendency of mature Christians to unintentionally become pharisaical towards less mature believers. Larry is Teaching Pastor at North Coast Church, a multi-site congregation in Southern California reaching over 9,500 in weekly attendance. He is author of numerous books including Sticky Church, 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe, and Accidental Pharisees

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your life and ministry.

Larry shared three concerns:
  1. We've confused discipleship with leadership.
  2. In our zeal to be sold-out for Jesus, some of us have lost our compassion for the struggling.
  3. Sometimes our call for greater commitment produces more harm than good, causing us to become "accidental pharisees." 

In what ways have you experienced a tendency to confuse discipleship with leadership? How should your expectations differ between those you are discipling and those you are raising up as leaders?
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Is there a group of people in your ministry that you may tend to neglect? Could you be prone to focus on new Christians and those you are grooming as leaders while not paying attention those who make a faith profession, then stagnate? How can you actively engage and disciple those in your ministry who you might be prone to overlook?
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Working from Proverbs 6:16–19, Larry showed that "haughty eyes" were at the top of the list of things God hates. How do you fight against pride—the temptation to see yourself as better than others in the Kingdom of God? What Scriptures help to keep you humble, reminding you of your brokenness and need for grace?
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How do you define a disciple? Is your definition broad enough to include someone like Joseph of Arimathea? How does Joseph of Arimathea's story impact how you view those in the back of the "following-Jesus line"?
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As a church leader, God has placed you in a unique position to raise up and encourage His people. Think specifically about the people in your ministry. Who seems to be stagnant in their faith, but has potential to be the next Joseph of Arimathea? How can you purposefully pursue, encourage, and disciple that person?
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Larry ended his session with a powerful exhortation. "Fan the flame, live with incredible passion, find leaders, raise them up, empower them, and release them." But, "as you become a Navy Seal for Jesus, never forget the compassion side—that a bruised reed is not to be broken and a smoldering wick is not to be snuffed out, and a Joseph of Arimathea is still in line."

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