Abundantly Beyond What We Could Ask For

2013 RightNow Conference

Would the outlook of our battles and the difficulties of our lives change if we knew what the enemy knows about us? In this 36-minute session from the 2013 RightNow Conference, Priscilla Shirer explains how believers can approach the battles of their lives with confidence and assurance knowing that God will give them abundantly beyond what they could ever ask or even imagine. Priscilla is a popular conference speaker and Bible study teacher. She is the author of numerous books and Bible studies including, One in a MillionLife Interrupted and most recently, New York Times bestseller, The Resolution For Women
As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role. 

Priscilla shared what the enemy truly thinks about believers:
  1. Believers are victorious.
  2. Believers are forgiven. 
  3. Believers have been given authority and power that he will never have access to. 
  4. Believers have God on their side. 
  5. Believers diminish the plans and weapons the enemy has conspired and formed against us. 
  6. Believers are made confident by the Spirit of our great God. 

How do these differ from what you believe and think about yourself?
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Priscilla said, "It’s actually amazing, how your level of intimidation and insecurity—when you’re facing the battles of life—can completely be exchanged for a confidence and a holy boldness when you know what the enemy thinks about you." How does this change your attitude towards the battles and difficulties of your life?
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Through Gideon's example, Priscilla gave us steps on how to win the battles of our lives:
  1. Begin the battle on your knees.
  2. Face the battle from the stance of victory.
  3. Wage war devising divine strategy.
  4. Advance into battle from where God has placed you.
  5. Use the weapons God gives you even if they don't make sense to you.

What do you do when God gives you a glimmer of what He wants you to do, but circumstances don't match up with His direction or with what you want to do? How do you react to His plans when they don't make any sense to you or anyone else especially when you're dealing with a difficult moment?
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How can you choose today to trust God, in spite of your doubts? What can you do so that you're resting in Him while you're in the midst of difficulty?
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Priscilla said, “So I want you to know today, and I want you to be encouraged my friends that no matter what you’re going home to—maybe in a marriage, or in your finances, in your ministry or whatever it is, your kids, whatever it is—would you remember that we serve the God who can. That even if you have 300 hundred on your side, 300 plus God is always the majority.” 

Priscilla referred to Eric Mason’s RightNow Conference session titled, “Breaking Free From Strongholds.”  You can find this session in the RightNow Conference channel in your Leadership Events Library.

For information about the upcoming RightNow Conference, go to rightnowconferences.org.