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Faith is not a compartmentalized exercise, but an integrated reality to my calling

When we go to church on Sunday it feels natural to live and talk about our faith, but how should we incorporate our relationship with Jesus into the rest of the week? Our lives still touch others as we work, raise kids, volunteer and hang out with friends. This moving illustration inspires us to live out each day with the mission to make an impact for Christ. 

From the construction site to the board room, God wants to place His followers in every walk of life as witnesses to Jesus' name. 

Charles Lee's job often takes him into secular corporate environments, where he interacts with people that do not know Jesus. He intentionally refrains from making his faith a sales pitch, but lives in such a way that his relationship with Jesus naturally comes out as he befriends clients and coworkers. In this video, Charles explains how his witness at work is both intentional and spontaneous.

Charles suggested that sometimes our witness could be manipulative or agenda driven. Rightly, we should not want to evangelize in this way, but we should also avoid the other extreme of not sharing at all for fear of looking odd or making someone uncomfortable. Charles advocates that we would speak the gospel genuinely because it has invaded every part of our life.

Charles said we are all called to do something. What do you think you are called to do, and how will you uniquely represent Jesus and share his gospel within your calling?
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How have you seen or experienced the manipulative form of witness that Charles referred to? Why is this method ineffective compared to the "natural" method of witness?
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In what parts of your business is your faith totally your compass? In what areas does your faith need to become your compass?
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Is your faith such a foundation in your life, that it will be your natural, honest answer to the question, "What drives you?" How will you prioritize your relationship with Jesus so that it naturally undergirds everything that you do?
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As you grow your relationship with Jesus, think about the way your faith touches every part of your life. You don't have to manufacture all of your gospel conversations, but if you are living closely with the Lord and looking for the opportunity, your work will provide a great place for your witness.