4 Tips for Presentation Preparation

Be Mindful of the Whole Experience for Your Audience

Charles Lee, CEO of Ideation, co-founder of the non-profit Just One and author of Good Idea. Now What?, understands the hard work of delivering excellent presentations to a large crowd. In this video, he explains four points that will help you in your own speaking experience.

The four tips for preparing a great presentation are:  
  1. Pick a single objective
  2. Craft an emotional experience into your presentation
  3. Use technology as an aid
  4. Overlook body language distractions
The questions below are designed to accomplish the tips Charles talked about. Apply these to an upcoming presentation and answer each according to his advice from the video and see how they help you to fine tune your next sermon, speech or board presentation. If you do not have one coming up, use the last one that you worked on or that hypothetical lesson in the back of your mind that you would love to teach.

What's my objective? What singular point do I really want to get across here?
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Outside of the factual information, how do I want my audience to experience this presentation? What emotional reaction am I aiming for?
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How will technology supplement, and not take over, my presentation?
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What kind of body language is usually the most distracting for me? How will I prepare to give an excellent presentation in spite of this kind of nonverbal feedback?
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If you do the hard work of preparing thoroughly and simplifying a concept in order to deliver it well, your audience will feel that effort and appreciate your message.