How Church Planters Can Effectively Minister

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Church planters have so much work ahead of them when they start a church. How can church planters adequately help and serve while seeking to identify lost people? Danny Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, shares his advice on how church planters can effectively minister while seeking to invest in people who need the gospel. 

How do you intentionally seek to get involved in the lives of those in your community? What are some ways that you can get involved in the lives of your neighbors?
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Do you have a mentor or other church planters encouraging and supporting you? Why do you think having a support group may be beneficial for you?
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Danny said, "And so we are set free by our God to serve people indiscriminately and ultimately. We don't convert anybody. He does all the converting, saving. It is our God who is in the business of bringing people to Himself." 

Does Danny's statement free you to how you are serving people? In what ways can you "indiscriminately" serve people?
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Danny said, "He just simply gives us the joy, the opportunity, and the privilege to be the vehicle where by He accomplishes all of that. So that just frees us up then, to love the people that are there and to love the people where they are, recognizing that God's Word, as we share and sow that seed, He has promised us it will not return void, it will accomplish the purpose for which He intends it to go forth."