How to Respond During Hardships

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What does it really mean to love one another? Is love an emotion, a gesture, an act of our will? This thoughtful illustration encourages us to love one another with Christ as our example.

How can your actions at home, work and church reflect God's love? What kind of impact do you desire to make? In what relationships do you need to invest more time or more of Christ’s love?
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As the family of God, we experience all kinds of blessings thru our friendships with one another. We get to participate in true fellowship with each other and with God who is now our Father, through His Son, Jesus. How then should we react when our relationships get messy? In this video, Danny Akin explains the prominent role loving one another plays in how we respond to living with others who are part of the family of God.

Danny said, "When the messes come we don't run from them, we don't neglect them, we work hard to clean them back up because we are committed to the end without compromise, without any idea of abdicating this relationship, we are committed to this to the very end."

How do you normally respond to conflict with another believer? How do you handle disagreements?
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In understanding God's love, how can you show grace to others? How can you demonstrate grace with those you find difficult to love?
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What steps can you take to be more proactive about the way that you show others your commitment to them? What can you do to help those in your small group or church understand your commitment and love especially during difficult times?
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"We are not designed by the Lord to live in isolation. We're not to be lone rangers, we're not islands unto ourselves and that is why when God saves us, He saves us not just individually, He saves us for community. He saves us to be a part of family."