5 - Working as if Employed Prepares for the Workforce

Prepare Them to Work Outside the Home

In this final lesson, Chuck shares how he prepared his sons for work outside of the home by teaching them to works as if employed at home. Continuing the practical nature of all of his lessons, Chuck offers great advice that you can immediately use. Using your chart from Part One, look for strategies in this lesson that will affect those goals you wrote for when your kids leave the house for work or college.

By learning how to work with jobs at home, the Bentley kids learned good money management skills in the following areas:
  • how to live on a budget
  • how to earn an income
  • how to work well for someone else

In addition to the learning the above principles, Chuck's two oldest boys finished college debt free. Can you foresee similar results for your children if you apply the lessons from this training? Why or why not?
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Take a look at the sample Want Ad the Chuck referred to in the video. Chuck made his boys actually apply for these extra pay jobs, knowing that "Dad" could hire someone else outside the family to do the work if they did not measure up in the application process. Notice the explicit expectations of how the job was to be done—the same as for hiring an outside person/company. 

A Bentley Refrigerator Ad for an Extra Income Job

If you would like to create your own ads like the one Chuck would use, print the template below.

Printable Want Ad Template

DOWNLOAD THIS DOCUMENT (Right Click and Save As)

Consider the expectations and application process? What kind of questions will you ask your son or daughter during the application process?
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In this course, Chuck used stories from his own family to show the principles that can be learned when we teach our kids these lessons.
  • Accepting the Word "No" Teaches Unselfishness
  • Delayed Gratification Teaches Patience and Sharing
  • Chores Teach Personal Responsibility to Contribute to the Family
  • Earning an Allowance will Teach Cause and Effect for a Job Well Done
  • Working as if Employed Prepares Kids for their Future in the Workforce

What are some the best practices you learned during this course? What lessons are you eager to implement in your home to reinforce the principles from this course?
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At some point, every parent has to release their child into adulthood. This fun video illustrates that how parents train, motivate, model and love a child greatly influences their character when they leave home.

As we said in the beginning of this course, parents play the pivotal role in shaping the character of their children. They are homemade! 

As parents, we want our kids to handle money intelligently, and as Christians, we have the greater hope for them of worshipful stewardship—stewardship of their resources, potential and talent. At the core of all of these principles is the lesson that God owns all, and we are blessed to steward the gifts that He has given us.